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GLOBAL Rivet Shelving is a high quality, light-load-capacity shelving system suitable for
low cost situations. The boltless design ensures fast assembly. The edge of the board is hidden behind the steel beam, making the shelving safe and strong. An angle post upright is used in each corner of the
shelving bay, allowing beams to be fitted in the left-to-right and front-to-back directions. This enables the shelving to be built as single bay units, for ease of relocation at a later date if necessary. The decking panel is supported on four edges, giving greater strength with less deflection. A rack connecter can be used to connect two bays.

Our Rivet Shelving offers the following advantages to help you solve your storage problems:

• Assembly is easy – The only tool you require is a hammer

• Although designed as stand-alone bays, units can be joined for continuity

• Provides clear access from all sides - no braces to get in the way

• Shelves adjustable on 1.5"(38.1mm) centers - allows you to custom design units to fit your load size

• Steel Components are powder coated light grey or darker grey



GLOBAL can design the packaging to your own style.

For rivet shelving systems, we provide pre-packaged service to distributors, to supply rivet shelving and timber board pre-packaged together. Each unit will be packed in an individual carton. Carton will contain uprights, beams and shelves, together with timber board. We will offer assembly instructions on each carton. We feel this offers our distributors the ideal solution to brand these products for your region without the hassle of doing it yourself.



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