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Shuttle Racking System
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Shuttle Pallet Racking

Shuttle racking system is a special made racking system for shuttle which based on the structure of drive-in rack.
A shuttle racking system consists of supporting rack, shuttle rails and a shuttle cart. The shuttle cart runs on the rails and is propelled by an electric motor.
Compared with drive-in racking system, it is more stable and secure. The depth of the racking can be more than 30m to 60m which drive-in racking system can be only around 20m. Depending on the warehouse structure, the shuttle racking system can be also supported for FILO and FIFO.
With a specific made guide rail, the shuttle can be moved on the racking system smoothly. And the end stopper is for prevent shuttle to fall down when moving. Due to different kind of shuttle, shuttle racking system can be made which according to the customers’ requirements, because the shuttle racking system no longer need the forklift to pick up the goods inside of tunnel, but a shuttle instead, the tunnel of shuttle racking system can be designed smaller. Therefore optimizing the warehouse performance.
Features for GLOBAL Shuttle:

Standard configuration table
● Battery on board(Min.900 times of recharging)
● Lithium battery charging station(EU 240/50 Vac/HZ) US 115/60 Vac/HZ)
● Remote controller(Radio-Frequency,LCD16*2,500mAh-4.8V,continously usage time 10 hours,Up to
1300 hours of standby time)
● Remote controller battery charger
● User manuals
● Wooden boxes packaging
Standard Features
● Loading & unloading
● Continuous unloading
● Distance between pallets 1 9/16 into 4 14/16 in
● AUTOSAT manual mode
● Romote controller able to manage up to 4 AUTOSAT

GLOBAL Shuttle™ is a fully programmable deep lane storage and retrieval system used to transport pallets within a racking structure for maximum storage and throughput of bulk stored items. The shuttle system allows for more pallets to be stored in a given area when compared to normal static rack. It also minimizes damage to the rack because the forklift does not have to travel into the racking, as is the case with drive-in rack. Accessibility is increased because all the levels can be accessed at any time. In a drive-in rack system the bottom level must be cleared first in order to be able to access the higher levels.

● Goods can be stored in the warehouses with highest density and low cost
● FIFO or FILO, optional
● As each pallet only needs to be positioned at the beginning of the deep lane storage it increases
efficiency within operations
● Better safety and anti-seismic performance than drive in racks

Technical Specifications

Nominal Loading Capacity : 500 KGS~1500KGS/PLT
Speed: Max.50M/Min
Operation Methods: To be operated manually or vehicle-mounted or radio remote control
Temperature in the freezer: -25°C

The GLOBAL Shuttle™ has a battery-operated motor inside that can run for a full 8-hour shift before it needs recharging. It also has censors that can pick up its location within the rack and in relation to the pallet it needs to deposit or retrieve thereby reducing the monitoring by an operator. It has a robust shell with easy access to parts that needs maintenance. All the components used are locally sourced "off the shelf" components to ensure availability in case of a breakdown.

GLOBAL Shuttle™ can provide the perfect solution to dense storage situations. One of the conventional methods would be to install drive in racking which is great at space utilization but can sometimes inhibit efficiencies when storing the deep pallets as well as potential damage to uprights.

The GLOBAL Shuttle™ gives the same space utilization but removes the inefficiencies and risk of damages. All the forklift operator needs to do is place a pallet onto a shuttle position and activate the shuttle and it does the rest of the work, freeing up the operator to complete other tasks.
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